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Record K201508122

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The fees listed here are the Invoiced and Paid fees. 
Fees that have not yet been Invoiced will not appear and may become due at a later time.




You have not added any inspections.




READ CAREFULLY, failure to follow the following directions will result in permit DELAYS.
  • Ensure plan documents are flattened. Click Here for instructions
  • Required Proper Naming Convention:
    • Plans must be titled "Plans.pdf"
    • Calculations must be titled "Calcs.pdf"
    • Remove all Special Characters (!\#*;#, etc) from the file name
  • For "backcheck" resubmittals (prior to permit issuance):
    • Use the exact same filename as original
    • When resubmitting, look to the left of the document in the attachments window below to find a blue Resubmit button. There can be multiple pages of attachments, so make sure to look through them all. 
    • If your permit has NOT been issued yet and you're asked to resubmit, simply upload a new file. 
  • For revisions to issued permits:
    • Include "Rev#" in file name. Do not use the original file name.
The maximum file size allowed is 200 MB.

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